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Billions S01E01 HDTV X264-BATV[ettv]Billions S01E01 HDTV X264-BATV[ettv] Elihen

on the website i can watch english and arabic tv show, on youtube i can watch all the video with subtitle in english, arabic, hebrew, german, russian and many more subtitle language. But my problem is, when I try to download the episode the subtitle that I added does not appear on my list. A: Let me tell you how you can view subtitles on media online. The first thing you should do is check your player settings for your preferred language. Many players (e.g. YouTube) automatically switch to the subtitles if there are more than one language available. Check the player you use to play online videos on this site for your language. There you can usually find a setting for turning on or off subtitles. If there are more than one language available you can check the desired language on the right. Q: How to get style changes in view of element to affect other elements? I have some text and a button and when I click the button I set the width of the button to 100% and also I change the text color of the text to yellow. However when I click the button I expect the color of the text to change and not the button. How can I change the style of the text so it reflects the change in the button? Click to run This is a test text A: Use display: inline-block and position the text inside the button. Use float to position the text. #btns { display: inline-block; } #test_text { position: relative; top: -30px; left: -50px; float: left; font-size: 30px; color: #FFF; } Click to run ac619d1d87

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